All IAAF Member Federations should have received an official letter of invitation from UK Athletics which outlines the official entry process and timeframes.

Submission of Entries and Deadlines

Preliminary Entries   

Member Federations must submit their Preliminary Entries on line using the IAAF On-line Event Entry System ( by 26 January 2016 midnight, Monaco time. Preliminary Entries may be submitted starting 4 January 2016.

Final Entries  

The Final Entries must also be submitted online using the IAAF on-line Event Entry System (EES), by 14 March 2016 midnight, Monaco time.  Final Entries may be submitted starting 22 February 2016.

Final Confirmations

Final Confirmation of Entries must be made upon the team’s arrival, at the Accreditation Centre.


During the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon Championships, the top six athletes and teams in each event will be awarded the following prize money by the IAAF:


Pos.       Individual            Pos.       Teams

1st          USD 30,000         1st          USD 15,000

2nd        USD 15,000         2nd        USD 12,000

3rd         USD 10,000         3rd         USD   9,000

4th         USD   7,000          4th         USD   7,500

5th         USD   5,000          5th         USD   6,000

6th         USD   3,000          6th         USD   3,000


Payments will be made following confirmation of doping control tests and submission of complete Award Forms with full bank details. The LOC confirmed that there will be no taxes to be paid on prize money.

World Record Bonus

In the event that an athlete breaks a World Record during the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon Championships, a prize of USD 50,000 will be awarded. The World Record Bonus will only be awarded for performances which improve the existing World Record and which meet all the necessary conditions for recognition as an IAAF World Record, in accordance with IAAF Regulations and after ratification of the record by the IAAF. Full details of the regulations regarding this prize are available from the IAAF upon request.

Rights and Obligations in Relation to the Prize Money and World Record Bonus

Athletes receiving IAAF Prize Money must make themselves available to the IAAF and its sponsors, at least twice in the 12 months following the competition, for promotional activities, upon requests handled by the IAAF.

Should an athlete’s Doping Control results return positive, the awards and bonuses won shall be withheld.